The Sikiarideio Foundation offers services to children and young adults with mild or average levels of intellectual disabilities.

The initial assessment is performed by a committee which includes a Psychiatrist, a Psychologist, a Social Worker and a Special Education Teacher. The individuals who are assessed and accepted are then offered the following services:

· Psychiatric Observation

· Psychological and Social Support

· Individual and Group Psychotherapy

· Consultation services for parents

· Occupational therapy

· Speech therapy

· Dental prevention and care, offered by students of the Athens Dental School

· Support for employment with professional guidance and collaboration with local agencies for securing employment positions

These services are offered by experienced scientific personnel who participate in programs of continuous education, seminars, conferences, workshops and further graduate education. Objective of the Scientific Group is to upgrade the services of the Foundation and adapt them to the needs and requirements of the individuals.

Cooperation between the families and the Scientific Group is required and necessary, with communication being conducted on a daily basis. Furthermore, meetings with parents and guardians are planned frequently.

The progress of the individuals is closely monitored and assessed. Normally youngsters initially begin with the Prevocational Workshop where after close observation by the instructor they are eventually placed in Vocational Workshops which best suit their capabilities.

In conjunction with the various workshops, there are Associated Programs for a complete development of the individuals capabilities.

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